This body building trend shows you how

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This body building trend shows you how

Get the best clit orgasm: This body building trend shows you how: Hello friends welcome to you. In today’s article, we are going to know about Get the best clit orgasm: This body building trend shows you how. And are going to watch Get the best clit orgasm: This body building trend shows you how Review at the same time. The craze is as much global as in the fans of Hindi films.

Orgasms, all sex is about right? Well, no and there’s where we need to start. We’re gonna share with you some great tips to have a clit orgasm perhaps, the first step to getting there might be to reconfigure what orgasms mean. Remember most of us were educated with abstinence as a contraceptive method and porn as the only sex explicit reference. This means our sex education was untenable & patriarchal.

Sexual pleasure fulfills more than a bodily need, our minds and deep desires have the leading role here, and being conscious of them is the first step to a good orgasm. Knowing your body’s anatomy and its reaction to stimuli is the other part of the ride. If we don’t know how our bodies work and their needs, no Satisfyer or bodybuilding trend would take us to the best orgasm.

Also, having the idea that sexual intercourse is only worth it if the involved one(s) “finish” through an orgasm, puts unbearable pressure on it, especially if having sex.

In the end, orgasms are a human sexual response, yet they don’t warrant real pleasure. Have you ever had an orgasm without enjoying it? We’re gonna explain to you how that it’s possible and the best tips to get clit orgasms you do enjoy. 

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Human sexual response 

What happens to our bodies when we have sex? This same question went through the minds of William Masters & Virginia Johnson in 1950. These two are best known as the “Masters Of Sex” and were pioneer researchers in bringing science to the bedroom. Master was an expert on infertility, yet he strongly believed exploring the act of sex could help people struggling with those issues. 

Still, doing research was hard in the beginning, all he had access to were local prostitutes, luckily he soon started recruiting volunteers to analyze at his laboratory.  Johnson arrived at the team once she opened a forbidden door of the Washington University in St. Louis and found a couple having sex covered in electrodes. Other experiments involved dildos with light and similar situations. 

Masters & Johnson did several experiments that led to various information, including, how to have the best orgasms. They invented what we know today as “human sexual response” which is a cyclical scale of sexual arousal including physical & emotional changes when having sexual activity. They also were the first to document the gender differences in the sexual response cycle. 

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It all starts with the excitement which involves blood pumping and an increased rate of breathing. This is followed by a “plateau” which involves contractions and verticalization of the uterus in bodies with a clit; at this moment penetration can be done without harm. Last but not least comes the orgasm with the resolution period.  The time it takes to achieve an orgasm is called the “refractory period”.

Each person, no matter if they own a clit or not, experiences these stages differently. According to science, your first task to get the best orgasms is trying to identify them. Always have in mind this is a physical & emotional process and it might take you some time to explore it deeply. The truth is there’s no magic potion to pleasure and each body works differently, yet, there’s no rush in self-discovery.  

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Clit orgasms 

Apparently, everyone wants to experience orgasms, but what are they? An orgasm is the sudden discharge of sexual tension, accumulated during the sexual response cycle we just talked about. Orgasms in bodies with penises are identified through ejaculation, but what happens with people with clits? Although they can ejaculate as well, orgasms happen differently.  

Several people with vulvas are not capable of identifying where their clit is located, nor if they had an orgasm. This happens due to all the stigma around feminine pleasure. This is why self-knowledge is important and there isn’t a magic trick or trend that can entirely help if we don’t know our bodies first. Although this ignorance can be convenient to the unethical sex industry we have access to.  

Still, just for you to know, orgasms are associated with involuntary actions like muscle spasms in multiple areas of the body, as well as the feeling of general euphoria. If you’ve felt this with sexual stimulation, then you’ve experienced one, if not, there’s no rush at all. Having a clit is great, perhaps exploring other areas of your body can help you spend a great time with your body. 

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Improve orgasms consciously 

Although sex isn’t all about orgasms as was mentioned before, there are some techniques that can help us better connect with our bodies & sexuality. The truth is the traditional pharmaceutic industry has made harmonization processes & treatments hard for cisgender women. Basically, cisgender women using feminine hormones end up destroying their libidos & psyches. What if they used testosterone?

There’s an entire community under the name “Grow Your Clit” where women are guided to consciously use the DHT cousin of testosterone. The instructions consist in applying a small amount of the cream in the zone twice a day and this increases the size & sensitivity of the clitoris. 

There are women who luckily have access to a doctor that can follow the process and make a prescription. Yet other women have to buy it anonymously through CashApp or other Bitcoin wallets in black markets. We’re not suggesting you do anything illegal, yet, we’re happy to show you there are other alternatives that can help you build a better relationship with your pleasure.

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