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Introducing Non-Academic Science to Kids

by Marco Jimenez

What brings you here?

Xkcd 2.4

Eat cake taco. Test and done! Yes, done.

The open science

Arguments matter

Runaway velociraptor!

Lakers 12th fo r West

Warriors 6th for West

The nightmare

see it’s a list

check them twice…

Finding the most common pairs involves subtracting the least common pairs from the total pairs and repeatedly finding the two least common pairs until only two are left. This worked best when I was being graded, though my favorite was adding fish to all of my answers after reading in a book once that mathematician Godfrey Hardy uwu awwww….

Men’s Human Bane Hoody Gilead 6c91363

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Inside pouch pocket

100% polyester with insulation

Hand wash

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The Brainstorming

Start it at the absolute top of the list….

Take 9. No, 47. – its a recurring decimal!

The Process


_keras.layers.LSTM(…)_20,… — list about bookmark for language learning. Share you interest for learning language.

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