‘Heartstopper’ Season 2: Filming Begins & What We Know So Far

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Netflix’s most recent romantic teen drama has been a hit with subscribers worldwide. The popularity of Heartstopper has been rewarded with the renewal of two more seasons! Here’s everything we know about Heartstopper season 2 on Netflix.

Heartstopper is a Netflix Original romantic drama series based on the graphic novel by author Alice Oseman, the executive producer and creator of the series. The story is centered around Nick and Charlie, two British grammar school boys who develop romantic feelings for each other.

Heartstopper season 2 Netflix renewal status

Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated: 25/05/2022)

It only took a few weeks, but Netflix has renewed Heartstopper for two more seasons!

In a Tweet, the official Netflix account said:

“To those who have fallen in love with Nick & Charlie, cried watching Alice Oseman’s magical story brought to life, or felt represented for the first time on-screen, I am elated to announce…

Heartstopper has been renewed for TWO MORE SEASONS!”

It doesn’t happen very often, but the hearts and minds of critics and subscribers were in tandem thanks to the show’s 100% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and its 98% audience score.

The viewing data for Heartstopper also backs up the growing popularity of the drama. In the first week, the series was watched for 14,550,000 million hours. The second week saw a massive 65% growth in viewership, rising to 23,940,000 million hours. It featured for an additional week only seeing a 37% decline in viewing ours.

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
April 17th, 2022 to April 24th, 2022 14,550,000 7 1
April 24th, 2022 to May 1st, 2022 23,940,000 (+65%) 5 2
May 1st, 2022 to May 8th, 2022 14,970,000 (-37%) 6 3

Heartstopper has also featured in the top ten list of 67 countries worldwide, including the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. The series reached 9th in the US top ten list but has performed exceptionally well in the UK where it has reached 2nd.

According to British SVOD analytics company Digital i, Heartstopper had an extraordinary completion rate. The completion rate is the percentage of people who begin the show and eventually go onto finish it. Their data suggests 73% of the people who started the show went onto finish.

What to expect from Heartstopper season 2?

Assuming that Heartstopper season 2 will continue to be faithful to the graphic novel/webcomic then we can expect to see some of the following;

  • The introduction of Nick’s older brother David, who is homophobic and does not accept his younger sibling’s bisexuality.
  • Charlie’s struggle with an eating disorder and his mental health.
  • The school’s reaction to Nick and Charlie’s relationship.
  • A school trip to Paris, the city of love.

Nick and Charlie have already faced homophobia, in particular, from Charlie’s abusive and closeted ex-boyfriend Ben, and rich kid Harry. With the pair revealing their relationship to the world, the young couple can expect more trials and tribulations ahead.

We can expect to see the developing relationship between Tao and Elle be explored further in season 2, along with the relationship between Tara and Darcy.

Graphic novel readers also know we can expect to see more of Mr. Ajayi, who has been a great supporter of Charlie, and the potential introduction of Mr. Farouk.

Where is season 2 of Heartstopper in production?

Following its renewal, the series went instantly into active development.

In late June 2022, we were among the first to report that the series would be eying a September 2022 filming start and we’re pleased to confirm that filming is now underway.

According to some production listings, filming will take place from September 13th through December 20th, 2022, for season 2.

Here are a few social media stories confirming that it has restarted per MediaTraffic.

filming starts on heartstopper season 2

Stories on Heartstopper beginning filming

As for when we’ll get some Heartstopper news, Netflix has announced that Heartstopper will be part of Netflix Tudum, due to take place on September 24th.

Who can we expect to return in Heartstopper season 2?

We can expect most, if not all of the cast of Heartstopper to return in season;

  • Kit Connor – Nick
  • Joe Locke – Charlie
  • William Gao – Tao
  • Yasmin Finney – Elle
  • Corinna Brown – Tara
  • Kizzy Edgell – Darcy
  • Tobie Donovan – Isaac
  • Jenny Walser – Tori
  • Sebastian Croft – Ben
  • Cormac Hyde-Corrin – Harry
  • Rhea – Imogen
  • Fisayo Akinade – Mr Ajayi
  • Chetna Pandya – Coach Singh
  • Olivia Colman – Sarah (Nick’s Mother)
  • Georgina Rich – Jane (Charlie’s Mother)
  • Joseph Balderrama – Julio (Charlie’s Father)

The second season should introduce David, the homophobic older brother of Nick, who has yet to be cast.

How many seasons of Heartstopper can we expect to see?

Alice Oseman, the creator of Heartstopper, the executive producer of the show, revealed to the RadioTimes that it could take up to four seasons to cover the “full story.”

I haven’t done any in-detail planning or anything, but it’s quite easy to divide up the books into seasons, so four I think would do it.

Four seasons is arguably the perfect number of seasons for Netflix to commit to. If the popularity of the show grows or retains its audience from season 1 then there’s no reason why Alice Oseman’s four-season vision cannot be fulfilled.

Would you like to see Netflix renew Heartstopper for a second season on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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