Are Receipt Scanners Worth It? 6 Things to Know Before You Buy

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192 243 0 aymee Was there a bonfire ‘folding back time’ in Far Harbor? (SPOILER: not really, but it triggered a potential paradox).

193 244 0 m3g4dm3n5 p.s. did you fix max bugs?

194 245 0 Faind Quote from: Maccat519 “There are no women in Fallout 4. I walk around with the companions at Dogmeat doing all this rad repairing, and they just stare numbly while I erect scaffolding because he kept hitting a nightmare playing card with a wrench. Because that’s how Dog lost his paw, kids. Some guy who was involved in bridge repair defended himself with a topless fern.” as much as fixing water pumps makes me maintain this game,i’m tired of looking at my companions in such a way,where they all just stand idle,unable to do anything

195 246 0 Shade2222 Reinstalling the game, though I don’t know why.

196 247 0 motoi83 I can begrudgingly say I’m having fun with this game. It’s all I’ve been doing for the last week. I leveled up to 54, just about to head to Sturges place to build the locked turret. I have a functioning base with some defense and a robot. Played through library and found several terminals with secret areas of dialog. I’m in the process of replicating some of the earlier type clothing and improving my setup with the bathroom sink and shower. I want to make a cool wall message with all of my int/per/CHA stats and level up without thinking I’m there or something. I played the first game and had a fun time taking my time, collecting bobbleheads and whatnot.

197 248 0 gamerhound33 I have no idea what have I been doing for the entire time. I have been rescuing the Brotherhood for the whole of day one. Today, I have assigned all my settlements to have no defenses and simply my settlers run out and about. I will have all the settlements but 2 strongholds to level 3, a fully completed and furnished basement, an entire truck/armor workshop setup in a garage, as well as completed concrete bath sink & shower, with all of the settlement buildable build in one settlement called Bunker, and completed turrets at each. And all this in the game, not in making a settler.

198 249 0 Nghttrny6710 Well I’ve been moving through the story

199 250 0 Shadower98 [/spoiler] you can find it courtesy of @Nawsurfs so huge credit to @Nawsurfs this is phenomenal help

200 251 0 Pajnin Won Survival mode and got the season pass, then everything went to hell.

201 252 0 BuagGarfunkle Haven’t really invested any time in the past couple days real-world. Just don’t have time for video games at the moment, on account of traveling for holiday for the next few days or so. (Currently in England)

202 253 0 Neopoit Even if I do nothing at all, the game will still go on without me. In the end, I am irrelavant.

203 254 0 pvtdragon If a new Fallout game is gonna break just doing the beginning stuff like building a camp, that’s a problem. Crafting items and Settlement construction are important parts of Fallout for me.

204 255 0 UnluckyBrah6e

205 256 0 BarbearDoG Necropolis is one of my favorite settlements, personally. I know it’s an opinion that many others don’t share, but it’s so close to Washington DC both in geography and feel (especially with this new Raider Weapons DLC), that there is much pleasure in my heart when I visit. Necropolis is one of my favorite settlements, personally. I know it’s an opinion that many others don’t share, but it’s so close to Washington DC both in geography and feel (especially with this new Raider Weapons DLC), that there is much pleasure in my heart when I visit.

206 257 0 Zanite

207 258 0 xanManara Here’s my Pipboy wearing also Power Armor. Thanks to MadCat221 already commented. Here’s my Pipboy wearing also Power Armor. Thanks to MadCat221 already commented.

208 259 0 epazol Hi Voodoo Extreme-

I suck so bad with Fallout 4 (camp building, crafting). Maybe it’s the controller I’m rather use Windows10 with mouse and keyboard…..anyway, how can I make an interior in one of these camps (and more)?


209 260 0 mvrdvse Same here, been scavenging and building for about 30 hours. Got far cloanted for almost 24 hours and I’ve just gotten some other supply lines going etc. It funny because I’m one of those who usually find that dumb “if you shoot a certain tree at a certain place then a cave will appear” (I’m not using that spoiler alert hehe) because that happens to me waaay too often for my stomach and it’s just the easiest way to explore.

210 261 0 JSPalmer989 If I had the time, I would join in this thread but unfortunately I don’t. I already said it before – I hate building in Fallout 4. It’s not Lego. The pieces are big making it difficult to get it all right. I read write ups and I hear how much fun some are having doing all this building and crafting in the previous fallout games. It’s just not my thing. Also, screw all the down time. I’m lookng for half an hour and hour (just like in any other game) of things to do while moving forward.

211 262 1 Nawsurfs

212 263 0 misterhamguy I hate that the console command to re-initiate settlement defense after being overtaken is the same one you use to disable settlement barricades. You can’t get your defenses back without giving all your stuff to raiders and potential raiders becoming an issue in random encounters as a result. So far, when I end up making them, I’m finding that the raiders have broken the keys (every open container in a building full of stuff except weapons gets broken regardless of whose presence the raiders are in). The keys marked as Personal are lightweight which can get broken without too much trouble, but

213 264 0 frankeh We have stopped building defenses and now rely on boomers, since we fear that the settlement defense per minute system may break the game making that mode unfun. The latest patches with the launch of Far harbor may also have increased settlement behavioral problems with settlers ditching the settlement completely. Many settlement issues seem to be fixed by saving and reloading

214 265 0 P0nyTailer

215 266 0 anonymous_tim3 First and foremost, thank you to Fallout mods community. Never experienced the enjoyment and the great life you give the game since playing Skyrim with SKSE. Your hard work is what keeps this game alive, and the work you put into new models, fixed .esm/ .esp, is simply breathtaking.

216 267 0 Samm24 Ugh. I only stopped playing a little while ago, but whenever I’m playing I have to set my practice schedule for the times I’m playing, so I got like 35 minutes on the dot every time to play. Just feels bad when you’re getting murdered by large packs or new levels – is the different difficulty settings supposed to make it feel more realistic or just more frustrating? Any tips for situations like this?

217 268 0 anonTheAssassin Good Job on the kind words. Love 4chan and it’s many boards on many topics, but Fallout has always been a very special go to for me. Many even know me more often than my spelling, as “that guy who’s always on Fallout 4. I haven’t played since launch, but with what’s been added this week alone has me mightily looking forward to experimenting with Dogmeat and the new weapons. We did the experiment of the permadeath game, so this is the actual first time I get to play with the weapons I’ve built over the past 17 weeks, instead of locking myself into a section and learning. I’m still weirded out by the UI, but hey… I’m used to it now. I’ll have to figure out how snap points do for my tactical combat, as I was always something of an artillery player in… Well… Almost every tactical game I played. Loved machinery and guns, not just accuracy or damage, but sound design and that tactile feel of firing with combat mods. I miss it so. Ah well, that’s a conversation for another day. For now, still plenty to do over here. Someone posted elsewhere how many hours they played and how little they did. I’m actually extremely hapy with how I played, noting my first 24hrs were just dedicated to trying everything. That’s it, really. It really could make for a fairly impressive spreadsheet, detailing what I found and did, but it’s just time lost, captured in a…game. (For all it’s worth, though, I actually went out of my way not to get in agreement with something from a Fallout character, feeling assured it’d be made fun of if I did. I’m also a fan of many types of music, but if there’s something I have no tolerance for… Well… You can take your best guess.) This got long, kind of, so I’ll leave off with my answer for now. It feels like I pretty much summarized the title, though, huh? In short, I’m loving what was modded into the game. Moreover, it’s not just quality. I mean

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